About Me

Shikta Rani Kar is an academic person with credentials in Biological sciences and a business professional with strategic planning in organic food products. Ms. Shikta is a tireless seeker of scientific knowledge, a purveyor of her production, a reader, and a traveler. She is fueled by her passion and considers herself a “forever student,” eager to build her academic foundations in plant Biotechnology and stay in tune with the latest publications and conferences related to her passion. Currently she is working as a Research Consultant in the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) under the Ministry of Water Resources. Besides her academic career, she is a shareholder in the company Ecostructive Limited, mainly working in the sector of agriculture and women accessories. She focused on strategic project management methods implementation and ensuring a work-life balance in her sector. She accepts new challenges as a learning tool and she lives out her interests in cooking, yoga, and meditation. Her aim is to work in the plant virology area so that wasting of food minimization possible and farmers get more benefits in producing organic products with profit maximization Ms Shikta believes in mindfulness, success is not always printed in the form of money or posters but rather self-improvement. She loves to calculate the value that she inputs into society more than a socially valued person. She is ambivert, kind, and spiritual.